We offer a complete range of chemical peels that provide a variety of acids to effectively address aesthetic concerns and specific skin pathologies. They minimise the signs of ageing, fade hyperpigmentation and improve skin appearance. Specific peels can also control acne prone skin, redness, skin dryness, sensitivity and hyperactivity.  The peels we use are made of pure and safe active ingredients at accurate concentrations and are gentle to the skin and provide outstanding results.

Dry Skin Peel: £100
Chemical Peel for dry skin which exfoliates dead cells and restores the balance of the hydrolipid mantle, hence moisturising the skin in depth, the skin becomes healthier, more elastic and radiant.
Glycolic Acid Peel: £100
Chemical Peel that promotes epidermal cell turnover, balances the skins moisture levels and improves its texture. it is indicated for both sebhorrheic and dry skins
Multi Target Mandelic Acid Peel: £100

Mandelic Acid Peel for the treatment of moderate skin aging, superficial pigmentation and open pores. Its actives renew the epidermis and even the skin tone. The action of the Mandelic Acid helps to clear and control mild inflammatory acne

Oily & Acne Prone Skin Peel: £100
Chemical Peel for oily and acne prone skin that helps to regulate sebum production and prevent pore clogging breakouts.
Redness & Rosacea Peel: £100
A soft Chemical Peel for rosacea and couperose prone skin, it regulates skin microcirculation, reducing inflammation and vascular spiders. Provides an even and radiant skin.
Sensitive Skin Peel: £100
Specific Peel for sensitive skin that promotes the regeneration and strengthening of the skin barrier, reducing skin reactivity to external irritants.
Skin Glow Peel: £100
A soft exfoliation Peel that achieves a spectacular and immediate glow effect even after a single session. The skin will have a rejuvenated and brighter appearance.
Skin Recovery Peel: £100
Effectively improves severe acne and stretch marks.  A controlled exfoliation that combines Salicylic and Mandelic Acids. Its potent keratolytic action effectively improves severe acne and stretch marks, reducing breakouts and restructuring the skin.
Advanced Anti Ageing Peel: £120
Biorevitalising resurfacing peel that combines Salicylic and Chloroacetic acid for dermal regeneration and revitalisation. The skin regains its energy, elasticity and radiance
Skin Pigmentation Peel: £120
Restructuring treatment that helps reverse facial photoaging and fade dark spots. Combines 5% Vitamin A with other Melanin inhibitors to minimise the signs of sun damage
Skin Resurfacing Peel: £120

Anti aging peel, reconstruction for skin rejuvenation. TCA Peel treats mild to moderate photoaging, attenuates fine lines and wrinkles and boosts skin glow. Can help to reduce scars and white stretch marks.

Each of our Peels Provides:

  • Effective Results
  • Quality and Safety 
  • Good Tolerance 
  • Minimal Irritation
For best and most effective results we recommend a course of 4 to 6 regular treatments