Ultimate Eye Corrector Treatment with Mesotherapy Injection:
£650 for a course of 4 sessions and 2 initial home use products

A fast acting, tightening treatment which specifically targets peri-orbital bags, pigmentation and fine lines. A great option for those who find they look tired all the time because of bags and dark circles.
Revitalizes crows feet wrinkles and tightens upper eye lids for a younger look.

This form of professional chemical exfoliation is best for anyone looking to address:

  • Chronic dark circles
  • Loss of elasticity and puffiness
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

 Dark Circle Treatment

£650 for a course of 4 clinic based treatments and 2 initial home use products

This is a specific treatment for the depigmentation of the periocular region, more commonly referred to as dark circles around the eyes. This treatment improves and attenuates dark circles through the application of a combination of exfoliating active ingredients that attenuates skin darkening in the periorbital region. 

4 clinic based sessions are required, spaced 15 days apart, along with the use of 2 home care products in order to achieve the required results

Eye Resurfacing Treatment

 £120 Per Session

Using Nano Fractional Radio (RF) Technology heats and evaporates tiny columns of the skin, creating micro channels surrounded by healthy tissue, the natural healing process stimulates fibroblasts and collagen which improves the skins texture and minimizes the appearance of fine lines.

This treatment requires a patch test carried out at least 24 hours beforehand, dependent on skin tone

Patch Test and Consultation £50 

This cost if offset against the first treatment session price