As the largest and in many ways, the most vulnerable organ in the human body, the skin is prone to a wide range of skin concerns, but the among the most common are:

Sensitive and Reactive Skin: £220 per session

Sensitive and reactive skin is a multifactorial ailment that causes vascular hyper-reactivity and the weakening of the skin barrier. These skin types overreact to outer and inner stressors, triggering inflammation and irritation too easily, which ultimately leads to an increase in pain sensitivity.

Dry and Very Dry Skin: £220 per session

Dry skin not only has cosmetic implications but is also uncomfortable and can trigger other skin problems.


Oily and Acne-Prone Skin: £220 per session

Due to the multifactorial nature of oily and acne prone skin, keeping it under control and stopping its evolution into severe acne can be a challenge.

Facial Redness and Rosacea: £220 per session

Sometimes your facial flushes after a spicy meal, when you get nervous, or when exposed to harsh climatic conditions such as high or low temperatures, wind, and hot or cold water. If you notice that your face changes color easily, or if some areas look usually red, then these manifestations may be telling you that there is an underlying skin problem and that you should do something about it.   

Most common causes

Many internal factors and external factors, or the combination of both, can lead to the inflammation or breaking of capillary vessels and trigger facial redness,  most commonly:

Internal factors

  • weak connective tissue
  • weak capillary walls
  • lack of elasticity of blood vessels
  • alternations in skin microcirculation.
  • blood vessels are more visible in thin skin. your skin becomes thinner as age
External stressors
  • increased body temperature. it can be caused by spicy food, nerves, exercise, etc.
  • external temperature fluctuations
  • alcohol or cigarette consumption can worsen it

Treatment Solution

It is important to control facial redness before it turns into a severe condition like couperose or rosacea. To that end, INNOESTHETIC'S medical treatments and specific products  plan promotes skin resistance and stimulates the defense and reparative mechanisms of skin barrier. Moreover it deeply moisturizes and balances vascular irregularities to reduce skin burning sensation. Therefore, it effectively reduces vascular spiders and erythema, and prevents inflammation.

We recommend a course of 4 clinic-based treatment sessions, carried out at regular intervals, along with the continued regular daily use of home care products to counter your specific skin concerns.

Through a combination of weekly peels and transdermal solution delivered through micro needling or mesotherapy at the clinic and the regular daily use of recommended skin care products for home use, you will soon see the difference to your skin by directly targeting your skin concerns.